Man Arrested After 21 Sheep Die As A Result Of Having Sex With Him


Lewistown, MT- Clay Maurrs (29), has been arrested after 21 sheep died as a result of Clay having vigorous intercourse with them. Clay called the vet to come out and check on the sheep. But by the time he got there the sheep had passed away. The vet went to collect the sheep and whilst loading them onto his flatbed he noticed some kind of lubricant on all their anuses. A quick smell and taste test revealed it to be astroglide, a personal lubricant often used during private moments between humans.

But sheep and astroglide raise questions, so the local authorities were called in. A court ordered exam of Mr. Maurrs’ wiener was done as were swabs of the sheep’s buttholes. Maurrs had astroglide and sheep fecal matter still on his wiener. The sheep were all full of Clay’s semen. The sheep’s internal organs had been penetrated resulting in a slow painful death for each one.

Charges from the heinous crimes include; beastiality, animal abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. Sadly this is not the first such case reported in Lewistown. There have been reports of sheep and goats used as sex objects that date back to the early 1950’s. Town officials admit there is really not much to do in Lewistown.

Clay is strangely looking forward to prison where he hopes to find a boyfriend.

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