Man Made Love To His Deceased Wife For Up To 2 Weeks Before Daughter Discovered Her Body.


Conroe, TX- Randy Gibbons (73), was arrested for desecration of a corpse and failing to alert authorities of his wife, Pearl’s passing. But he had no idea she was dead until their daughter came to visit.

How he didn’t know she was dead is beyond me. Mr. Gibbons is a confused man and hopefully we can find him the help he needs.

The is an excerpt of an interview with Cathy Gibbons, Randy and Pearl’s daughter, “I hadn’t heard from mom in a couple weeks, which is unusual because we usually talk a few times a week. I had been busy with work and my kids. It occurred to me that I couldn’t remember last time I heard from her. I called mom and dad answered which was unusual. He said she was sleeping and that for some reason he couldn’t wake her. It was at that point I drove over and saw that she was dead”.

When asked if he noticed anything different in the past couple weeks Randy had this to say, “She was a little lifeless in the sack the last couple weeks, but nothing unusual. Dinner was late most nights. Would you like to speak with her? Cathy someone’s at the door for you!”. It is most likely Randy will be found incompetent by the courts and placed in a longterm care facility. Randy just wants to know when dinner is.

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