OJ Simpson Dying Of AIDS He Acquired From Prostitute In Mexico


The Juice, Orenthal James Simpson (75) is set to expire. He was set loose not long ago and life hasn’t been easy for the former pro-bowler. With a dark cloud of suspicion forever above his head OJ could never really get a blank slate to start over with. No longer allowed in Las Vegas brothels with high class hookers, OJ had to find less than savory ways to satisfy his sexual desires.

OJ would routinely travel to Tijuana for the sole purpose of squirting his juice into the city’s fine selection of prostitutes. Bad news for him was that the hookers down south don’t adhere to the same health and safety protocols that the high class ladies in Vegas do. As a result of poorer conditions, diseases and viruses transmit more often.

After feeling ill for a few weeks OJ went in to the hospital for some lab work and it was then discovered that he has full blown AIDS and has limited time left to live. Those close to OJ swear they see a change in him with the end so near. There have been rumors circulating that he will host a candid question and answer session on his deathbed when the time comes.

Whatever the case may be, it seems as if karma has finally tackled the former heralded athlete.

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