Saudi Prince Said He Needed Two Hands To Grab Ivanka Trump By The P***y


Saudi Arabia- Prince Nassir Limon Arafatee had the privilege of meeting the former president’s daughter during her good will tour of the Middle East. Arafatee wanted to please and impress his guest as she was the daughter of such a powerful man.

Arafatee remembered that her father likes to grab women by their “Pussy”, so upon their first meeting he reached up her skirt to do just that. Only problem was it was too big for one hand. No matter what he did he could not grasp her voluptuous vagina with only one hand. “In Saudi Arabia if a woman has a vagina big as hers, she would be beheaded. It is sign of promiscuity. But I did not want to be disrespectful to Ms. Trump, so I used both of my hands to grab her by the pussy”, said Arafatee.

Prince Nassir and his brother Mohammed share a candid moment with Ivanka Trump.

Once he was able to use both hands he was able to get a firm grip on her pussy. He retracted his hands, smelled his fingers, and shook her hand before sitting down on the couch to discuss diplomatic issues with her. Ivanka seem impressed by his grip and grab game and the two spoke for several hours before she had to leave. Ivanka promised with a wink to one day return to finish their conversation.

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