Woman And Her German Shepard Lover Go Missing The Day After A Judge Rules They Cannot Be Wed


Ojai, California- There is unrest in the scenic little town of Ojai California today. Popular resident Frances Anderson (42), has gone missing the day after a Judge ruled she could not marry her beloved German Shepard, ‘Roscoe’. Frances and Roscoe had been making news with their relationship in and around the backwards little town of Ojai. Known for earthy people and liberal views, Ojai is the kind of place where someone in love with their canine, can thrive with the community behind their back.

The previous day a Judge at the Ventura County Courthouse in Ventura California, ruled that Frances and Roscoe could not be legally wed. Normally a matter like this would never have made it to the courtroom, but like we said the community of Ojai has its citizens backs. Saddened at the Judge’s ruling, a dejected Frances and Roscoe returned home unsure of what the future holds for them and their love.

The next day when friends came over to the couple’s house to offer their ‘condolences’ on the Judges ruling, there was no answer at the door and her car was missing. Several hours later authorities were called in when the couple could still not be accounted for. “We take every missing persons case seriously. We are aware that Frances may have willfully left with Roscoe, but at the same time we are concerned for their safety and emotional states of mind after the bad news they received yesterday”, Detective Holloway told out reporters.

“We will use all available resources at our disposal to try and locate the couple.”, Detective Holloway

Several search parties has been sent out looking for the two. Anyone with any information regarding the whereabouts of Frances Anderson or Roscoe, are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency.

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