Woman Beats Up Husband After He Hangs Up “Generic White Girl Propaganda” In The Form Of A Live, Laugh, Love Sign.


Oxnard, CA- Clarissa Owens woke up this morning in the Ventura County Jail. She was placed into custody late last night after an altercation involving her husband where she beat him up. Clarissa was upset over a sign her husband, Kirk, had purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond. The sign in question? A “Live, Laugh, Love” painted wooden sign that he mounted in the family room.

Clarissa was besides herself when she saw, in her own words, “that generic ‘white girl’ propaganda”. Police were called to their home the previous evening after neighbors reported the disturbance. “As I was punched him, I asked him if he felt like ‘Living, laughing, and loving’ now, bitch? I would of been so embarrassed if my friends had seen it. What the f*ck was he thinking?”.

After police separated the couple, Kirk was taken to the hospital and later released after being medically cleared. Clarissa was taken to jail to cool off and await her husband’s decision to press charges or not. He’s not sure why his wife reacted so violently to what he thought was an innocuous home decoration. “Man, women are unpredictable. I’ve seen her flip out over things before, but usually I knew I had it coming. This was unexpected.”.

Kirk Owens will not be pressing charges and Clarissa is set to be released from jail later this afternoon.

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