2 Girls Who Shared One Cup, Contract Monkeypox


Los Angeles – June 8th, Becky Mcleod and Stephanie Cooper went to a newly reopened restaurant in Los Angeles and had their first public meal in months. The two friends went to their favorite spot and enjoyed their day. They had salads and split a chocolate shake.

About 3 days later the two started noticing symptoms similar to those of Monkeypox. They went to the hospital and were tested for the virus. Both tests came back positive.

When Cooper was asked why she thought her and Mcleod had contracted the virus simultaneously Cooper replied that is was because they had shared the same cup. “Becks and I have been sharing this one cup for so many years now it was never even a thought that something bad would happen to us”. She was mistaken.

“Do I really have to respond? These women were obviously not taking the right precautions. It is not a surprise that their recklessness has led them straight to the hospital” – Martin Callahan CDC

According to “Becks” the two have been sharing cups ever since they became environmentally conscious about the world around them. “You know you can share just about anything you want in a cup and there are so many methods in which the cup can be used”

The cup was brought in for testing by the CDC and it came back positive for traces of Monkeypox. There were traces of fecal matter on the cup as well. The owner of the restaurant said that the women brought their own cup and that their illness was of no fault of the business.

“We have been sharing that cup since the mid 2000’s and never had any issues. I guess stores running out of proper cleaning supplies had something to do with it. Do you know if we’ll get the cup back? You know for sentimental reasons”, said Stephanie.

Lesson to be learned here. Wash you cups thoroughly and do not share them.

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