October 15, 2021


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Woman Hid In Ex-Boyfriends Attic For 3 Weeks Waiting For Him To Bring A New Girl Home.

Thousand Oaks, CA- Becka Stratton (27), is not your average crazy ex-girlfriend. She’s a little extra. Paul Goram and Becka broke up 3 months ago. She was opposed to the split, but no way was Paul going to take her back after she got a job at his work to keep track of him. Paul quit his job and changed the locks on his house.

He changed his phone number and removed her name from the netflix account. He did his best to completely remove her from his life. But Becka was not going to let go of him so easily. One night while driving by Paul’s place she noticed the house was tented for termite fumigation. Having seen breaking bad, Becka had no fear entering the home.

Paul who asked us to disguise his face said, “I have a feeling this is not the last I’ll hear from Becka”

She brought her phone and a changer with her and hid up in his attic. For 3 weeks she waited in the attic for Paul to bring home another woman so she could ruin his chance at moving on. Hungry and in desperate need of a bath she was about to give up, until she heard a woman’s voice.

She burst out the attic completely nude to freak out Paul and his quest. Upon her abrupt arrival, the “other woman” AKA Paul’s Mom cold clocked her on the side of the head knocking her out. She is a boxing instructor part time and Paul had brought her over to help comb the house for a suspicious smell he noticed. Becka is now awaiting trial and has plans of getting Paul’s name tattooed on her face.