January 15, 2022


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Flipping Off Tesla Drivers Is The New Trend Sweeping The Nation


Los Angeles, CA- Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen Tesla vehicles all over the road. Here in Southern California it’s doubly true. Obnoxious Tesla drivers stick their noses in the air at us gas burners.

To combat the rising belief that they are better than the rest of us, people have started flipping off every Tesla they see being driven. One college student who helped start the trend had this to say, “Our parents had “Slug Bug“, but we got flip off a mothafukkin’ Tesla driver biotch!”.

One driver got so mad, he spontaneously combusted in his car. Combustion in an electric car oh the irony.

One of our reporters heard this gem of a story, “there was a school bus full of kids at a stop light. A silver Tesla pulls up next to them and simultaneously like a silent authority they all calmly raised their middle fingers and stared right at the righteous son’s of bitch’s in the Tesla down below. It was a display of unity that brought tears to teachers eye”, Mike Michaels said.

So next time you see a Tesla driver, give them the bird and know that somewhere, someplace an angel gets its wings.