Forgotten 12,614,400 Minute Phone Call From 1987 Finally Ends. Woman Stuck With $325K Bill!


Bethany Clemons (44) is now the proud owner of a $325k phone bill that dates all the way back to the year 1987! She had no idea about any kind of phone bill as she hasn’t had a Land Line in 15 years. “I got this bill from AT&T, which I thought was funny because I have Verizon. Anyway I opened it up and inside was a bill for $325k for a call that lasted 12,614,400 minutes!!”. That’s right a 12,614,400 minute or a 21 year long phone call!

We wondered how was this even possible?? Well turns out when Bethany was a young adult she had her own phone line and at 20 years of age she set the phone down to spray Aqua Net in her hair and never hung the phone up. “I swore I hung the phone up, but I must have been mistaken? I mean I was really excited to see the new Tom Cruise movie so maybe I did forget”.

AT&T told us that, “Many people believe that just because they don’t use a Land Line they don’t have one. Bethany had the line in her name back in 1987. We can’t charge a phone call until it has been hung up. According to our records the phone was finally put back on the hook 45 days ago. With the line being open for over 24 years, the bill is going to be expensive. It is also expensive to keep a call going for 24 years as well. We look forward to our payment”.

“I ended up moving out of the house the very next day and my parents never did change anything in my room hoping that I one day I may move back to the nest, so the off the hook phone must have gone unnoticed all these years. Now I have this huge fucking phone bill. I contacted an attorney, but because this is a humongous telephone company I cannot afford to do legal battle with them in the long term. I am currently on hold trying to set up a payment plan”, Bethany concluded.

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