Hensel Twins Become The First Ever Pair Of Transgender Siamese Twins


Luke and Bryan Hensel (31), named after their favorite country singer, Luke Bryan are the famous siamese twins formerly know as “Brittany and Abby”. Their decision to transition to men will make them the very first pair of transgender siamese twins ever. Siblings such as the Wachowski sisters have made the transition from male to female, but the added rarity of twins puts them in their own category and being siamese twins puts them in their own stratosphere.

We learned this news from a press release sent to our offices; “At our next public appearance you will meet us as Luke and Bryan for the first time. This is who we have always been, but being in the public eye has made us play the roles of “Abby” and “Brittany”. They were costumes the public was used to seeing us in. Having matured into our early 30’s we realize there is no time to waste and we owe it to ourselves to be ourselves. This is our life and we are going to live it!”, official statement from Luke and Bryan Hensel.

There is news of TLC trying to sign Luke and Bryan to a new TV deal, but word has it that the pair are no longer interested in the empty life of a TV reality star and want to find more quality and depth in life. Luke Bryan offered concert tickets to the brothers for any show they would like to see as his way of paying back their flattery of using his name for theirs.

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