December 6, 2021


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Hillary Clinton And Yoko Ono Caught Leaving A New York Hotel Holding Hands And Kissing

New York, NY- Several years back, Yoko Ono confirmed the two had an affair in the 70’s and it seems their affection for one another has picked up right where it left off. Yoko Ono and Hillary Clinton were seen kissing behind the Waldorf Astoria. The two rushed hand in hand to an unmarked black SUV. They sped off before we could get an interview, but we were told by several hotel employees some of what the two ladies had been up to.

The pair were seen by several onlookers to be engaged in giddy behavior. “They reminded me of two teenagers lost in love”, “they seemed to be in their own world together”. Moans and grunts could be heard all hours of the day emitting from their room. At one point over the course of an hour, you could hear a whip cracking.

Hillary and Yoko on vacation in the late 70’s

“This is the kind of behavior one displays when they just don’t give a fuck anymore”, says Harvard Professor Dr. Jay Bowlin ESQ. “Clinton’s political career is over. She is now living a life where consequences do not matter as much. It’s not so much a scandal when someone is not running for election. She’s letting loose and having fun. I expect to hear more about Hillary “enjoying” herself for some time to come”.

Yoko One took to twitter saying, “I just had the best time of my life!” #muffdivers #innerouterlabia. Seems Ms. Ono and Mrs. Clinton are both fans of oral sex. Requests to speak with either woman were laughed at when their press secretaries found out who we are. If any pictures or videos emerge be sure to see them here first.