Suitcase Made From His Mother’s Skin Gets Man Arrested At Airport


Houson, TX- Thomas Bixby (33), was arrested at George Bush International Airport (IAH) on Saturday. Thomas was on his was to Los Angeles for Comic Con. His yearly trip to the comic convention was something he and his mother would do together, but sadly this past year Mary Bixby passed away and will not be accompanying her son. Well not in the traditional sense.

Thomas was heart broken. His mother was no longer alive and he didn’t know how he could make it all to way to California without her. Thomas is scared of flying alone and Mary always kept him company.

Whilst watching a documentary on Ed Gein, Thomas got the idea to create a suitcase from his mother’s voluptuous body. It was important that she remain close to him so he would not be scared on his trip to Comic Con. Thus a carry-on was created from Mary’s remains.

“Nothing gets by me” TSA agent Clark Ponds

Whilst attempting to go through security, a TSA agent noticed a foul smell coming from Thomas’s bag. Upon further inspection, pieces of fat and flesh were found still attached to the skin. Thomas had never skinned anything before, let alone a human. He was quickly detained and never did make it to Comic Com.

He was released on bond and will face charges of desecration of a human corpse and transportation of hazardous materials. Thomas is expected to accept a plea bargain in exchange for a lighter sentence.

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