Sexy Siamese Twin Porn Actresses, Jackie And Lola Anders Are Pregnant!


Jackie and Lola Anders are back in the spotlight again. This time it’s not their videos or events drawing attention. No, it’s that they are with child! The twins shared the happy news on their personal Instagram account on a post titled, “You, me and baby make three ❤️❤️❤️”.

Promotional pictures for XXX videos is how we are used to seeing these lovely ladies.

This comes as quite a shock to our staff who are used to writing about the twins exploits of a more erotic nature. It seems the ladies are ready to settle down into motherhood. Motherhood and a new reality TV show of course.

TLC has offered the ladies an opportunity at their own reality show. The twins say their manager is in negotiations with TLC, but that no contracts have been signed. One of the big questions yet to be answered is, WHO IS THE FATHER? No one’s talking, but of course we at have a picture of the suspected father, professional gamer Jay Bowlin, known as GONGONGALONG to the gaming community.

Jay has been seen with the ladies on trips to London and Bali.

Lucky guy if you ask us. The twins refused an interview, but what we do know right now they are still in the early stages of the pregnancy and word is that they would like to marry the father before the child is born. Mr. Bowlin was not available for comment at the time of this writing.

Check back as more is sure to unfold!!

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