McDonald’s To Sell THC McCookies To Go Along With Their New “Adult” Happy Meal


Starting early 2021 select McDonald’s restaurants in the greater Los Angeles are will be serving their new THC McCookies. This is not a nationwide campaign as obviously cannabis is not legal everywhere.

Two THC McCookies come standard in the new “Adult” happy meal or you can buy them on the side. You must be 21 or older and you cannot consume the cookie on premises, so take out or drive through are the only options.

Sales for regular menu items are expected to increase dramtically.

“It’s a brilliant marketing scheme by McDonald’s. What better way to get business than to give people the munchies?”, says one rival executive. Corporate McDonald’s is not on board, but through a legal technicality select independent franchisees may sell the cookies.

This has been a satirical story.

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