Woman Arrested When 23 iPhones Fall Out Of Her Vagina


Alisha Mavon of Houston Texas was stopped by mall security when the alarm went off as she tried to leave the premises. Showing guards she had nothing on her person, security let her go. Again the alarm went off. A female security guard was brought in to pat Ms. Mavon down.

The female guard noticed a strange bulge in the lower abdomen which promted her to ask Alisha to cough which should expel anything non organic in her vagina. Out popped 23 iPhones! “It was an incredible scene! To imagine all those phones shoved up her coochie is wild to me”, said guard Leslie Mathers. Ms. Mavon tried to feign a surprised look when the ooey gooey phones fell out of her. Alisha looked up and saw that the guards were not happy with her and that they were probably going to retain her.

Fearing capture for the stolen phones, she tried to run but lost her footing in the slippery mess below her. Face first she went into her personal private cocktail of juices. She was subsequently detained until local authorities could arrive. She is being held at Harris County jail until her trial in which she faces up to 18 months in jail if convicted on all charges.

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