January 15, 2022


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Man Who Stole Bill Clinton’s Cellphone Gets Life In Prison


Ahmed Lizanto of Brooklyn New York has been sentenced by a federal judge to life in prison for the theft of former President Bill Clinton’s personal cellphone and for the attempted extortion of a President. Ahmed stole the phone while driving for the former President. Once in possession of the phone, Mr. Lizanto tried to extort Clinton claiming he would hand the phone over to Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys, whom he claimed had offered him 2 million dollars for the phone if he himself did not send him 3 million dollars.

It’s hard to imagine Ahmed thinking he would get away with extorting money from a former President. Clinton is no fool and he put his own private security on the job, who within 3hrs. located the phone and Mr. Lizanto. The suspect was brought straight in front of a federal judge. In emergency cases, federal judges can pass judgement if the accused asks for a speedy trail and waves right to a trail by jury. Ahmed chose to allow the judge to pass sentence and that sentence was for life in prison which is the maximum allowable punishment.

The location of Mr. Lizanto is unknown but many believe he will be detained at Guantanamo Bay where further information from him can be gathered. Clinton and his press manager declined our request for comment.