OCTOMOM Adds Drinking Breastmilk To Her Strip Routine And The Men Are Loving It!!!


Miami, Florida- Octomom (Nadya Suleman) was looking for ways to increase her earnings while she took her clothes off at the strip club. If there’s one thing Octomom is good at, it’s getting those melons of her’s full and ready to burst! We must confess, she has a few other talents, but we will save those for another time.

With a few beers and some dim light, you know you’d tap that ass

Octomom was running out of ways to draw in a decent sized crowd so she could pay her bills. She had done squirting shows, ping pong ball shows, two girls at once and so many more. One day some milk starting leaking from one of her boobs and as soon as she was about to clean it up a patron whispered, “leave it there” and placed $100 on the stage.

Looks like she’s about to drop a turd and I’m weirdly turned on

Octomom started to embraced her twin peaks and would perform a “pinch and spray” as her finale, but it wasn’t until she got the idea to drink her own milk that the money really started to roll in.

“I bring a bottle on stage and every time I would get a good tip I would pinch my tits and spray milk in the bottle until I had enough to drink.” Her lap dances know include a bottle of your own but it will cost you $1000, so you better savor that milky goodness.

We can only imagine what else she likes to suck on…

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