Supreme Court Of Georgia Upholds Marriage Between Siblings After News Of Pregnancy Surfaces.


Marietta, GA- Kirk Vertin and Kathy Vertin’s marriage has bee upheld by the Supreme Court of Georgia. The couple drew national attention for marrying each other. They are full siblings with the same biological parents. The marriage between siblings with the same parents is not somethings that happens all the time because it’s illegal… or is it.

They were married in a small courthouse in their hometown of Marietta Georgia. All was quiet for a while until Kathy became pregnant and fears of the child being born with deformities came to the forefront. Kathy posed a question in a facebook group. She told of the dilemma and as things go on the internet, the news of married siblings spread and whether or not the marriage was actually legal and what to do about the child.

The local criminal justice system was too small and corrupt to handle the onslaught of attention to possibly handle this matter. It was at this time that the supreme court of Georgia was called in to help.

Look at the happy couple <3

The official ruling of whether their marriage was constitutional or not was read by Justice Charlie Bethel, “We the Justices of Georgia have came to the conclusion that because there is a child involved, the marriage shall not be annulled. Marriage is a sacred vow and the pregnancy creates a trinity between the three. Also Since the Kathy has no choice on whether she goes along with the pregnancy, we find it best that the child has a two parent household to raise the child with a good family values as the the love between the two is pure.”

Kirk is thrilled, “I couldn’t be happier with the courts ruling! Love is a beautiful thing and we can’t wait to share it with our child.”

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