A Dying O.J. Simpson’s Deathbed Confession; The Rumors Are True, “The Big Kardashian Is My Daughter”


Las Vegas, NV- Orenthal James Simpson (75), commonly referred to as “O.J.” is in hospice at his Las Vegas home. O.J. acquired AIDS from a prostitute in Mexico after being banished from Las Vegas brothels. In the weeks leading up to what is likely the end, O.J. has hinted at the fact that he has a few things he would like to get off his chest before the end.

Many believed that Simpson would talk about the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, but it was of his children that he spoke. Specifically, the addition of a child long rumored to be his offspring. “Back in late 1983 Robert (Kardashian) was heavy into planning for an upcoming trial that winter. I took it upon myself to ensure that Kris was well taken care of while Robert spent many longs nights at his office. During that time Kris and I had a short, but intense love affair. She subsequently became pregnant with Khloe and we vowed to never speak of the affair again and to go on like the child was Robert’s and that no one would be the wiser”.

Khloe (38) looks visibly shaken as she is told the news of O.J.’s confession.

“I thought we would get caught when Khloe obviously didn’t turn out looking like her siblings and was a foot taller, but thanks to Kris no one has ever known the truth until now. I’ve held onto this information for far too long and I hope Khloe comes to visit me before the end”.

Shocking news to say the least, though many of us have long suspected this to be the truth. What’s next for the Kardashian clan and specifically Khloe Simpson? That will be revealed during a special television interview with Oprah. Kris refused to comment, but rest assured that her savvy mind will find a way to capitalize of this now public information. Stayed tuned to ringsssss.com as more of this story unfolds.

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