D.B. Cooper Died 10yrs Ago In Butte Montana At The Age Of 89


While investigating the case against Shep Arnold, crime scene investigators got a DNA hit from a sample sent in that came back as a conclusive match to D.B. Cooper. For those of you unfamiliar with the exploits of Cooper, let us give you a quick recap.

On November 24th, 1971 Cooper Hi-Jacked a 727 commercial airplane and extorted a ransom of $200k before parachuting out the plane somewhere over the Pacific Northwest. No evidence has ever been recovered, nor has any sight of him been confirmed until now.

The Shep Arnold case is still in the process of evidence gathering and it seems like the two cases are now intertwined as Coopers DNA has been linked to Arnold’s Beef Jerky. A package of Jerky stamped from 2011 contained the DNA sample. Is it possible that all this time Cooper had been a victim Arnold’s? How did the two men cross paths?

Arnold has refused to comment on this breaking news. The MBI (Montana Bureau of Investigation) is now leading the Cooper case and are very interested in speaking with Shep, but since he is not speaking they will go through his life and see if any of it correlates with Coopers. What the MBI can tell us is that the evidence they have linking Cooper through DNA confirms that he is in fact deceased, “without giving too much away, we do have conclusive evidence that D.B. Copper is in fact dead”, Cooper would be 99yrs old if alive today.

The MBI is also asking anyone with Shep’s jerky to please send it in for testing. His Skeletal remains have yet to be found.

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