January 15, 2022


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For The Man Who Has Everything, Here Is A Penis Coffin


San Luis Obispo, CA- A new company called “Dick In A Box”, specializing in coffins for penises has opened for business. The company came about when company founder, (Clyde Billings) asked himself one simple question, “If someone cut my wiener off, what would I want to have happen to it? I would want to bury it in a sweet coffin for dicks”. Apparently Clyde is not alone in this thinking.

Before he began looking for investors, Clyde surveyed 100’s of men and women concerning caskets for Dicks. Woman liked the idea as a way to threaten dudes to “act right” or end up with a dick in a box. Dudes liked it because it gives them a reason to talk about dicks.

With the research done, Clyde secured backing from his parents to get the company off the ground. Within weeks dick boxes were flying off the shelves. Seems a large following of people are using them to transport dildo’s and vibrators on airplanes and as display cases for the toys as well.

The success of “Dick In A Box” has Clyde thinking of his next great invention which he has named “Box In A Box”. We’re not too if that will work out as well as “Dick In A Box”, but we are excited to hear all about it.