Geraldo Rivera Caught Sending Nudes To Taylor Swift.


Long time television personality Geraldo Rivera has been put on blast by Taylor Swift’s camp. Rivera inundated Swift with sexually explicit pictures via Instagram. “One picture was his penis next to a Coke can”, a friend of Swift’s said. Rivera is in various states of undress and in several of the pictures he is fully aroused. Taylor will not publicly comment because according to those close to her, “She does not want to give a washed-up has-been anymore TV time than he already gets”.

This is not the first time Geraldo has been in the hot seat when it comes to nudes. First lady Dr. Jill Biden was said to have received dozens Polaroids in the mid to late 80’s from Rivera that were of a sexual nature.

The unedited version of this image shows his fully erect penis.

“This is classic narcissistic behavior”, says Dr. Fobgelby, a Nobel Prize winning Author on the subject. “Mr. Rivera see’s himself as the ultimate male. He sends these pictures of himself to women in an attempt to lure them to his bedroom. He thinks they cannot do better than him and that they should feel be lucky to be recipients of his photography”, Dr. Fobgelby said.

This seems like a push to get back into the spotlight. Similar to the way Kris Jenner got her daughter Kim famous… by “releasing” nudes to get a reaction. What ever the case may be, this story, like Geraldo River’s career will just soon fade away.

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