Jennifer Lopez Selling Her Breast Milk Exclusively At Costco


Los Angeles, CA- In a strange new craze, Jennifer Lopez will be the first of what plans to be many celebrities who will start selling their breast milk. Approached by Costco with the idea Jennifer was not at first onboard with the concept. When they told her that she would keep all the profits and that Costco wants only the name recognition she would bring to the store, that’s when she realized it was an easy decision.

Starting this December, Lopez Farms will be on the shelves ready for consumption. Jennifer’s jugs will come in gallon and half gallon sizes. Each jug will have a proof of purchase mark that guarantees the milk came straight from her boobs.

There is talks of cheeses, butter and ice-cream to be added to the product line once a strong following has been obtained. Interviews with Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel are slated for November with behind the scenes footage of the extraction process and filling of the jugs.

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