Jobless Man Arrested After Calling In Sick To Places Where He Doesn’t Work


Butte, MT- Sebastian Taylor has been out of a job for about 13 years. Most of that time he has mooched off various family members and of course the government. Always trying to impress the world Sebastian recently tried to make some viral videos of himself calling sick into places where he did not work.

He called into grocery stores, hotels, fast food restaurants, hospitals, theme parks, you name it and he would call in sick there and record the whole thing. Quite literally he called in sick as if he worked there. Feeling harassed, several businesses called the authorities about the a caller who had been wasting their time calling in sick to a job he didn’t have. “We have no fucking clue who Sebastian Taylor is”, one man said.

Authorities soon received enough calls about Sebastian to track this man down. He was found at one of the last standing phone booths in the great state of Montana. He was about halfway down a list of businesses he was going to call in sick to. He had a satchel full of quarters to make the phone calls.

Sebastian tried to flee the booth but fell on his face trying to get away. He has been taken in for harassment and vagrancy. His videos have been confiscated.

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