Stranded On An Island For 47 Grueling Hours, Man Is Forced To Eat His Wife To Survive


Luke and Carole Offenhiem were on their 20th wedding anniversary when the most terrible thing happened. While vacationing in Honolulu, the couple decided to rent a small boat and go exploring. About an hour into the trip the two stopped somewhere in the pacific to have sandwiches. About to head back to shore, a storm came and swept them off course. Hours later dazed and disheveled, the Offenhiem’s woke on the shore of a small island with their boat no where in sight.

Luke scoured the island for food, but was so lethargic from not eating that he couldn’t search long and came back empty handed. Carole tried to assure him that someone would come looking for them and not to worry too much. Luke started to really panic by the end of the first day on the island. He reverted to his hunter gatherer caveman instincts. Knowing if he did not eat soon he would die, Luke constructed a plan.

“This dude really couldn’t go one day without eating. His wife is gone and he is going to prison all because he was hungry. WTF is wrong with people?”- officer Owens

He was going to have to sacrifice Carole so that he may live. As sun was rising on the second day Luke put his plan into action. He grabbed a giant coconut and smashed Carole in the head until she stopped moving. Having no knife or way to cook, Luke survived the ordeal by eating her flesh raw. Sometime in the early evening a boat came ashore to rescue the couple. Luke was found ravaging her corpse so he would not starve.

Rescuers quickly surveyed the scene. Carole was dead and Luke had been eating her body. The authorities were to going to have to get involved. Back on Honolulu Luke was questioned about what had happened to Carole. He explained the situation best he could to detectives. The one sticking point for police was that they were only missing for 47hrs, so why the need to kill his wife?

Luke was charged with Voluntary manslaughter as premeditation could not be confirmed. He faces up to 15yrs in prison in convicted. His defense will center around his emotional disturbance from starving to death. Prosecutors are fairly confident in their case.

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