Woman Crashes Car Into Walmart After Losing Place In Line On Black Friday


Karen McHough (34), was in line for Walmart’s Black Friday sale which unceremoniously started on Wednesday. Karen forgot her vape in her car so she asked the couple in line behind her to save her spot. The couple agreed. Relieved she could go grab her vape and be back in line to buy all the stuff she didn’t need on Tuesday, she leisurely strolled to her car, grabbed her vape and proceeded back to her place in line.

Karen McHough looking completely nuts in her booking photo.

Once back to her spot she tried to get the attention on the couple who were holding her place in line. Confronted by Karen the couple acted like they had never seen her before and there was no way they were letting her in front of them. Karen didn’t get upset and steam off. She calmly puffed on her vape, turned around and headed back to her car.

Onlookers remember hearing a blaring horn and tires screeching as a car barreled its way through the front of Walmart, all the while the driver screaming “no one’s shopping today bitches, no one!”

Karen snapped. If she couldn’t buy her limit of TV’s and Laptops, no one could. She exited her car that now resided in the store and puffed her vape all the way back to the parking lot where she sat on a curb awaiting authorities for the felony arrest that was sure to come.

Cool, calm and collected Karen was. In deep trouble but happy none the less because if it wasn’t going to be a Merry Christmas for her, it was not going to be for anyone else either.

The aftermath of Karen’s wrath.

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