Court Battle Over Woman’s Desire To Name Her Infant Twins; “Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden” Rages On.


Bakersfield, CA- Elizabeth Duncan (27), is a single mother of two infant male twins. Somehow she was able to leave the hospital after naming her children; Adolf Hitler Duncan and Osama Bin Laden Duncan. With those names on record she went on her way to start her new life as a single parent. Elizabeth is not exactly sure who the father may be, so she had complete autonomy in naming her boys.

Within a week of her discharge, hospital administration was trying desperately to contact her regarding her children’s names. Turns out the local social security division is unwilling to grant her those names. Obstinate and unwilling to negotiate, Elizabeth has taken her fight to the California supreme court where she is currently locked in a heated battle with the state of California.

Because she had left the hospital with her twins in tow, and after the paperwork had already been filed, the burden of proof to overturn her children’s names is now on the state. “The fact she was able to leave the hospital having named her children Osama Bin Laden Duncan and Adolf Hitler Duncan is something that should of never happened. Now there is a very real chance those children will spend the rest of their lives with those names because of a negligent hospital worker”, Larry Cannon Deputy States Attorney for California.

Whatever the outcome may be, this is sure to draw lots of attention. Our requests to speak with Elizabeth has gone unanswered.

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