Inspired By Joel Osteen, Kanye West To Auction Off Kim Kardashian’s First Pair Of Butt Implants To Help Fund His New Megachurch


Kanye plans on selling Kim’s original implants to help his new church get off the ground. In recent weeks it has become clear to him that he was meant to be the leader of a megachurch.

Visits with Joel Osteen have encouraged West to embark on this new adventure. Joel is helping Kanye to develop the necessary skills to be the head of thriving, cash rich church.

Two holy men, two legends, two seekers of truth, justice and the America way.

The auctioning of the butt implants is going to help fund the construction of his new church which he plans on building on a beach in Miami. Already there are reports of a man in Montana willing to pay well into six figures for a chance to have a piece of history. Others think they should find their way to the Smithsonian after auction.

Whether they end up in the next uni-bomber’s cabin or the Smithsonian, we are excited to see how this all comes together for Kanye.

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