Osama Bin Laden’s Son, Omar Faces Beheading After Smuggling 200,000 Sheep Into Afghanistan For Sex Work


Omar Bin Laden is in Afghani custody after being caught crossing the border into Afghanistan from Pakistan with 200,000 sheep scheduled to be sold into the thriving sheep sex work industry of Afghanistan. Omar’s dad was a real pile of shit and it seems that he himself is not much better. The sheep were purchased under the threat of violence from a farmer in Pakistan.

Border patrols are always on the look out for animals destined for sex work and because they might see one they like. In this particular case one of the drivers for Omar Bin Laden, refused to let a border patrol agent sleep with one of the sheep which has been a customary courtesy over the last few centuries. The driver believed his boss would get mad with a used sheep.

A sheep being pimped out in Afghanistan

Because of his non compliance, the driver was tortured and subsequently gave up all the information he had regarding the sheep and who was running the show. Bin Laden was placed in Afghani custody without incident and is spending his time in jail with 3 of his wives. The outlook is not good for him as many believe they will make an example out of him to show that no one is above the law when it comes to having sex with sheep.

Word out on the street is that the magistrate will sentence him to be covered in bacon and have the sheep eat him.

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