The KKK Choose Twitter As Their Social Media App Of The Year. Make Elon Musk Honorary Grand Wizard


America, USA- The hate group, The KKK, have released the results of their year end review to their hate group members. Twitter was voted social media app of the year. Twitter was chosen head and shoulders above all other forms of online social media. Communist facebook was a very, very distant second.

KKK members credit Elon Musk for valuing freedom of speech and not worrying about offending liberal snowflakes. Apparently the KKK were so impressed with Elon Musk that they have awarded him with the position of Honorary Grand Wizard. Honorary Grand Wizard is the highest award a non member of the KKK can obtain.

This is the second award Musk has earned for his humanitarian efforts in 2022, The Quebec chapter of the Hell’s Angels voted him in as their 2022 man of the year on December 17th. Other honorary Grand Wizards have enjoyed renewed success after winning the prestigious award. Some other notable winners are; Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew Tate, George Zimmerman, Kyle Rittenhouse, Ted Kaczynski, Dick Cheney, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Ted Cruz, O.J. Simpson, Kevin Spacey, Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, and Mel Gibson.

The presentation ceremony and cross burning will take place at a date and time TBD.

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