The Rocky Mountain Oyster Boys Caught Milking Bulls After A Concert In Montana.


Butte, MT- Mark, Andy, Gary and Adam are all members of the band “Rocky Mountain Oyster Boys”. They started out playing music in high school together. The chose the name Rocky Mountain Oyster Boys in honor of their favorite dish and favorite animal.

On Saturday night The Oysters boys played a fundraiser in Butte to help with the legal defense of its most famous citizen, Shep Arnold. The boys played a blistering set of their classics including; Don’t stop, Red Rocket Red Rocket, Backside Blues, Right Wing Blow Jobs and Low IQ Leftovers.

“I was a little jealous by the bukkake. Not gonna lie. I love my bulls and they violated my beauties. It take many a late night to regain their love and schlongs”. – Dale Griffen farmer.

The gig was played in a barn and they were offered a couple of the stalls to use for sleep if they so desired. Twisted on moonshine and plenty of Shep’s jerky, the boys ventured out of their stalls and into the other ones in the barn. Gary stumbled on a stall with four fine looking bulls. He hollered to the others to come on over. Soon all 4 dudes were milking the bulls in what would be described as, “the most intense bukkake session I have ever witnessed in my life! And I’ve been a part of many”.

Soon the Farmer heard the cries of joy from the bulls. Being a lonely farmer, he was familiar with the sound of bulls enjoying a good hand job. He called the cops because they were his bulls and he’d be dammed if someone else were to drain their balls. Cops came and arrested the quartet.

As it stands now the 4 men are looking at charges of animal abuse and endangerment, theft and trespassing. They are being held without bail. A trail date has yet to be set.

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