Florida Man Claims Judgmental People Have Kept Him From Finding A Job.


Santander Olivier (33) of Miami Florida has had enough “Sorry you’re not what we’re looking for” responses from potential employers to give anyone doubts about their ability to find work and thrive in today’s society. Santander believes that ever since he has transitioned and became an alien, people have used his new race and identity to cast him aside.

“The excuses I hear from businesses are shocking. They claim my appearance is “off-putting”. “You frighten us” is another one I hear all the time. Being judged for and dismissed because of my race is unacceptable. All I want is to live the “American Dream”, but apparently being of the Alien Race makes you unqualified for that dream in most people’s eyes. I have a masters degree in computer science and can’t even find work as an entry level IT. It’s shameful the way I am treated. These judgmental people have kept me from finding a job.”, said a dejected Olivier.

Santander has hired famed attorney Gloria Allred to help in his mission for equality, “I hope and pray the Gloria will help people see the content of my character instead of only my appearance. I didn’t ask to be an Alien. God chose my path and I mean to follow it”.

However his mission unfolds, it is sure to be recorded in the annals of civil rights as a turning point. A turn in which direction? We do not yet know.

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