Woman Stopped At The Canadian-American Border Smuggling 20 Liters Of Petrol In Her Vagina


Beth Connor of Sweetgrass Montana, was stopped trying to enter the United States when Border Patrol notice an odd smell coming from her undercarriage. A female agent was called to search Beth. The agent noticed a spout that stuck out of Beth’s vagina and that it had a slow drip. When the agent went in close for a sniff, it was then she realized she had stumbled upon a crime in progress.

Transporting gasoline from Canada into America is a huge no-no. Canada and America do not have free trade when it comes to combustibles. Beth was asked to remove whatever it was inside her cavernous vagina and to the surprise of all around, a 20 liter red can of petrol slid free with a gentle tug.

Border Patrol Agent conducting a random stop to question the driver.

“Gas here is like 25% of the price it is in America. I got me 20 gallons for $40”, said Beth. Arresting agents tried to tell her that she had purchased liters and not gallons and thus there was no real savings, but beth knew she had a deal and wouldn’t be convinced otherwise. The metric system can be tough for some folks.

Because the smuggling originated in Canada and she never did legally step foot in America she will face the Canadian criminal justice system. Transporting the 20 liters of petrol could land her in a Canadian prison for up to 5 years, but more than likely she will be banned from ever entering Canada again.

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