CDC Warns “Vegans More Likely To Contract Virus”. Here Is One Mans Story:

Berkely, CA – Miles Williams (61), has recovered from COVID-19 after a long battle in the hospital that almost cost him his life. “It was touch and go for a while. His immune system was severely compromised from lack of nutrition”, said one Doctor.

“The Vegan diet is lacking in the essential nutrients to build a proper immune system. With a compromised immune system this demographic is now being included as “High Risk”. Please if you are vegan, stay home”, Alan Parks CDC Media Relations.

This is what Miles had to say, “First thing I knew I was sick as a dog and got my ass to a hospital. I started getting a nasty fever and was put in a medically induced coma. While I was out doctors did their best to undo the damage I had done by being vegan coupled with contracting COVID-19. When I woke up I was still feeling the pains of having been sick”.

“The doctors said that my age along with my diet were the major contributing factors in getting the virus. Apparently my body was ill equipped because I was eating an improper, unbalanced diet for someone who lives in a heavy populated area”.

This is one road Williams does not want to go down again. Here’s what he told us after he had been home for a week, “I’m eating proper food and feeling great again and what’s more is now I can be of more help to the community since I have recovered. And damn if a juicy steak isn’t the best!” We are all glad Miles is well on the road of recovery.


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