Panties Worn By Marilyn Monroe Up For Auction This December


Hollywood, CA- An Icon for all time, Marilyn Monroe struck a cord with so many people. Her beauty captivated generations and her impact as fashionista will long remain. News broke earlier today that some of Marilyn’s used panties will be put up for auction this December. They are DNA verified to have belonged to her.

The DNA testing was possible because the panties were never washed, which increases their value ten fold. Yes you heard that right! Unwashed! Meaning you can get yourself a sniff of her furry beaver, her wet weasel, her ham clam! According to people that have been near the underwear, you can smell roses and vagina emitting from the panties. “It’s quite intoxicating”, said one person familiar with the panties.

For those of us who have no way of being able to afford a pair of her underwear, which is expected to bring in over 50k a piece, there will be two pairs of panties that will travel across America as part of an exhibit to promote the auction. One pair in Los Angeles and the other in New York will journey across the states until everyone has gotten a chance to view and smell them.

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