Recent Studies Show 25% Of Floridians Believe The Corona Virus Is From The Beer and Blame Illegal Immigrants

Jennings, FL – According to a poll conducted by The National Polling Agency at the CDC’s request, not everyone is in agreement with the origins of COVID-19. That rings true most prominently in Florida where 25% of those polled believe that COVID-19 AKA The Corona Virus is actually acquired from drinking Corona beer smuggled in by illegal immigrants.

We spoke to one such person and here’s what he had to say, “you know it just seems pretty obvious to me that this all came from Mexico. I mean the virus is called “Corona”. Why else would it have that name? Hank at the gas station is the one that got me thinking, he’s always up to date with what’s going on round here. Aside from his crop circle stories, I think he’s right on with this one”.

“There are definitely things going on behind the scenes at The National Polling Agency that they don’t want you to know about”

We spoke with someone close to the polling agency. This person who asked to remain anonymous told us that he believes some on the inside rigged the results. There’s word of collusion and money coming in from unknown sources and it is believed that this money may have been the motivation for the poll results being what they were. He was not willing to elaborate further.

Whether the poll was accurate or not means little once information is published on the internet. Stay tuned to as we try to get to the bottom of this.


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