Robotic Celebrity Brothel Opening Vegas 2022


Ever wonder what it would be like to bang your favorite celebrity? Well come summer 2022 you just may get your chance.

Have a go with Robo Gwen

Charles Andover (40), is planning to open the world’s first robotic celebrity brothel. Want to have sex with Jennifer Lopez? No problem. Jennifer Lawrence? Sure! Depending on the celebrity and availability, expect to pay upwards of $200 an hour.

“We sell fantasies. No longer will you have to dream of your celebrity crush. You can crush your celebrity crush with our services”, says Andover.

Robo Britney is ready to “do it again”

It’s only fitting Vegas is the destination for this new “attraction”. There is already a waiting list of at least 6 months. Expect to see your favorite female and male stars ready for action summer 2022 in Las Vegas!

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