Siamese Twins Abby And Brittany Hensel Reveal The Secret That Will Tear Them Apart


New Germany, MN – Abby and Brittany have been making headlines since they were born. They even had their own tv show on TLC for a while. Recently there has been rumors the ladies have not been getting along too well. Imagine spending your life attached to someone else and you can’t get away during a dispute or argument. Well this time Abby is pissed off at Brittany and it looks to be irreconcilable.

With the nation on lockdown a lot of people are going stir crazy, the Hensel twins are no exception. With even less time aroumd other people the pair have started a rift between them that may never be repaired. Abby revealed she is interested in getting married and having children while Brittany is dead set against the idea.

Abby has always wanted children while Brittany has not. You almost can’t imagine all the complications that go into wanting to have a child when you are a conjoined twin. Most think about the physical issues, but that is not the problem. While they don’t share all their organs with each other, their reproductive system is one they in fact do share.

Brittany says she does not want a child and that to make her conceive and carry a child should be a crime. “I get my sister wants to have kids. I really do. But do they have to be born inside me??”. Yes and no says Abby. “Ideally I would like to carry the child in our womb. I think it would be an amazing experience. But I am also okay with the idea of a surrogate mother, which is probably the safer option” -Abby.

On top of that Brittany does not want to be forced to have relations with someone she did not marry. Both women want their own lives and have differing views on what that life should be. “As soon as we can we are going to go to therapy again and try to straighten out this situation because above all we love each other and what one does effects the other too.” said Abby.

We hope they can get back to happier times

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