This McDonald’s Will Give You 100 Chicken Nuggets If You Can Eat Them All. Could You Do It?

Bowlinville, CA- Who doesn’t love Chicken McNuggets? If you love them enough to eat 100 of them at this Bowlinville McDonald’s they will take care of the bill for you! You heard right. Eat all 100 McNuggets the meal is free. This is part of a promotion created by the owner of this franchise, Ben Dover.

“We have a lot of big eaters in Bowlinville and we want to reward those who can conquer this challenge. Reward them not only with a free meal but with a picture and nameplate to be hung on the wall for all to see”, says Dover.

Local resident rethinking his decision.

This can only be done once a month as there are bound to be those who would try and take advantage of the promotion. Dover expects many of the towns citizens to step up for the challenge. “This pandemic has turned many of us into couch potatoes and gluttons. Now it’s time to put all that training to work and see what you got!”

Along with 100 nuggets, you will also be allowed as many sauces as you need to accomplish the task. Some other fine details are that this must be accomplished in one sitting. No getting up until the nuggets are gone as to make sure you indeed digest them all. No running to the shitter unless you wanna pay for your nuggets.


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