Florida Governor Rick DeSantis, Sends California Governor, Gavin Newsom, A Picture Of His Massive Penis To Assert Dominance


Sacremento, CA- California Governor Gavin Newsom won’t soon forget opening an email sent by Florida Governor Rick DeSantis. The subject of the email; “Big things are coming”. There was an attached file and when Newsom opened it, a large, fully erect penis with ejaculate dripping off the tip, was displayed on his computer’s monitor.

The Florida Governor had heard rumors that Newsom was lacking in size when it came to the reproductive organ department. After Newsom made some derogatory comments about DeSantis, the Floridian Governor thought it was an appropriate time to assert his dominance by sending a picture of his well above average penis.

While Newsom’s office confirms that an inappropriate picture had been received, they would not speak in more detail on the matter. Political pundits believe this is typical “Bully Syndrome” behavior from Rick DeSantis. Stayed tuned to ringsssss.com as more of this story unfolds.

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