Biden Wants To Change The Name Of The White House To Something More “Ethnically Inclusive”


Washington D.C. – President Biden made waves today when word leaked on his next project to build back better. He wants the name of the White House changed to something more ethnically inclusive. “Having the home of the most powerful man in the free world called the “White” house is not inviting to a country built on the back of immigrants of all races and colors.”, says press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“A country as rich in history as ours should not have the home of its President called “The White House”. Our country is home to races and creeds of all shades and it is time to recognize that.”, President Joe Biden’s only official statement on the matter.

Possible alternate names have not yet been brought up to replace the antiquated one in place. “The President would like input from all sorts of different sources in an effort to make everyone feel a part of naming his home.”, Jean-Pierre went on.

President Biden is taking the necessary steps to ensure America has a bright future not rooted solely in the past. Whatever the new name will be, it will surely be better than the one before it.

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