Chicago Man Born With Two Penises Allowed To Marry Two Women


Chicago, IL- Benny Gutierrez is not your average 28yr old man. Benny was born with 2 normal sized, fully functioning penises. A popular guy with the ladies, Benny has always pretty much been able to make his way into bed with just about every girl he’s wanted. Coming up on his 30’s Benny wanted to settle down and have some grandchildren for his mom.

He couldn’t decide between Rebecca and Lindsay. Both woman had had long relationships with Benny and were wife material. He decided to sit them down and tell them of a way they could all be happy. “You can each choose a penis and it will be yours. Let’s get married, us three will live together”. Both women liked the idea of having their own penis to choose from. It doesn’t hurt that they have all had multiple threesomes together already.

Applying for a marriage license would be tricky, but Benny knew a judge and that judge gave him some advice on how to circumvent the marriage laws if all three were on the same page and really wanted to get married. Benny won a court battle with the help of that judge. He was given the green light to marry Rebecca and Lindsay. Details of the court proceeding are sparce, but his two penises were said to be the deciding factor.

A October 2022 wedding is in the works and E! Entertainment TV is basing a reality show around the nuptials.

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