Florida Man Originally From Australia, Arrested Selling Belts He Made With Human Leather.


Jacksonville, FL- Grant Vivney is making news out of Jacksonville. Originally from Australia, Grant has been making a living selling alligator goods at local flea markets and swap-meets. He’s got the trademark Crocodile Dundee/ Steve Irwin accent and charisma.

His gator skin boots are legendary, but it’s his belts that have really helped him “carve” a niche in the fashion arena. Legendarily, tough and durable, people will fly from all over the world to purchase a Vivney belt. They travel to him because he refuses to ship and deals only in cash, which only increases the rarity of his wears.

“All I wanted was a belt. I ended up with so much more”.

One customer ordered a special large belt. Twice as thick and much longer than normal since this was going on a man with a 50+ inch waste. The purchaser is Clint Ranger professional eater and amateur stand-up comic. Clint was admiring his new belt and when he went to flip it over and look at the inside of the belt there staring back at his face was a TATTOO!

That’s right a tattoo was barely visible on the inside of the belt. It was a portion of a dragon and some writing. Sketches were released to the media and soon someone came forward who recognized the tattoo. Turns out a missing man from Sarasota is no longer missing. But Vivney isn’t talking. “Fuck off c*nts” is all he will say to police. We are not sure he understands the legal system in the U.S.

This is an ongoing story. The arrest was made this past weekend and charges are expected to be filed later this week for at least the illegal possession of human remains, but other charges are expected to follow.

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