Man Leaving Parking Spot Gets Honked At To Move Faster. He Re-parked His Car And Walked Away. “I took The Bus Instead. Fuck Them”


Thousand Oaks, CA- Kurt Williams (77), is a patient man. He doesn’t get all bent out of shape over what other people do. He minds his own business, a rare commodity these days. He likes to laugh at people who get upset at grocery checkout lines. “As if complaining helps. People just want to feel right no matter what. Fuck that”. So when someone honked for him to move faster while leaving his spot at a popular local mall, Kurt flipped the script on them.

“Obviously they didn’t know I get a kick out of people like them. Always in a rush. I had no where particular I needed to be, so I re-parked my car and got out. The couple in the car were fuming. There were no other spots and when they rolled the window down to yell at me, I told them to have a great day and I walked away”.

“I took the bus instead, which turned out to be a good choice as I found a $100 bill at the bus stop”. Kurt has a certain “don’t give a fuck” attitude that others only claim to have on facebook. So next time when you’re in a hurry, why don’t you practice a little patience and get that parking spot instead. Because who knows if Kurt is behind the wheel or not?

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