Man Passes 15cm Kidney Stone.


Clyde Loggens (60) of Vancouver BC Canada, has officially passed the largest kidney stone to pass through the urethra ever recorded. The size of a grapefruit and weighing in at 2 kilos, Clyde has become somewhat of a national celebrity.

No one is sure how this stone went undetected for so long. Clyde never mentioned any pain or discomfort all the way up to the day he passed said stone. I wasn’t until it started making its way down his schlong that Clyde became concerned.

Clyde Loggens describing what it was like to pass the world’s largest kidney stone, “It was the most incredible experience mate. I feel like the damn thing is a part of me. I plan on carrying it around in a fanny pack to show people”.

When he came to the hospital ER staff believed this to be another case of “putting things where they don’t belong”, but to their surprise they were all about to be involved in history. Everyone was passing the stone around and posing for selfies. Guinness World’s Records in now en route to visit Clyde and his stone.

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