Walmart Has Been Voted #1 Place For Serial Killers To Shop


Los Angeles, CA- In a recent survey of convicted serial killers, the question as to where was the best place to buy supplies, Walmart was the overwhelming winner in that category.

“They had this 24hr Walmart by where I stayed. Real convenient and would always have what I need. Damn thing was them video cameras.” – Herbert Smith convicted serial killer is a fan of Walmart.

According to most killers, the supply level of cleaning products coupled with an abundance of rubbermaid containers, was what had always set Walmart apart from others. Not to mention the variety of things you could purchase. Heck you could even grab a snack on the way out, said one inmate.

“Everyone knows Walmart is the best. And it’s real handy being able to grab snacks and a soda on your way out.” – Miles Rodant convicted killer.

“It’s easy to blend in” says another inmate, everyone else there looks like they belong in the circus. That’s good for me as they get all the attention.”

Keep this in mind when you feel like being rude to someone in Walmart, because you really have no idea who you may be talking to.

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