Human Barbie Goes Make-Up Free To Encourage Others To Be Their Natural Selves


Valeria Lukyanova, 36 has posed for some natural photos. Natural meaning no make-up of course. The only thing Valeria claims to be fake on her body, is her breasts. It’s hard to tell for sure if she is telling the truth about her bolt-ons being the only enhancement she has had without seeing her in person (someone hook a guy up).

The two outside pictures are without make-up, while the center picture is with. Valeria is showing others that they too can and should feel about going natural. In this case it seems that “natural” is a matter of opinion. Yes, you too can look natural without make-up.

When asked about her haters saying that she is as fake as the day is long she had this to say, “Haters going to hate. I stay hot and that’s how I retaliate. Haha a rhyme!”

We here at ringsssss don’t care where her parts came from. We just want a chance to inspect them.

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