The Tinder “Butt Tickler” has been caught.. In Florida

Miami, FL- Ernest “Butt Tickler” Simmons is no longer matching with unsuspecting woman on Tinder and tickling their butts. After calls kept coming in to Miami-Dade PD about Simmons and his tickling ways, a sting operation was set in place. Simmons prefers women with big booty’s so detective Winters went undercover and set up a … Read more


Houston man who orders brides from overseas and turns them into fruitcakes has been arrested.

Houston, TX- Herbert McMaga was arrested on murders charges of 7 mail order brides who had gone missing. McMaga had been questioned on the missing women, but explained, “they used me as a way into the country. I have no idea where they are”. As Christmas season started rolling around McMaga Started gathering supplies for … Read more


Supreme Court of Georgia upholds marriage between siblings after news of pregnancy surfaces.


Marietta, GA- Kirk Vertin and Kathy Vertin’s marriage has bee upheld by the Supreme Court of Georgia. The couple drew national attention for marrying each other. They are full siblings with the same biological parents. The marriage between siblings with the same parents is not somethings that happens all the time because it’s illegal… or … Read more


Man loses virginity to hooker, gets arrested and couldn’t care less.


Houston TX- Charles Ottoblock 19, was arrested leaving a motel know for prostitution. A police spokesman said, “The suspect didn’t try to run or deny his involvement. He was just so happy. Easiest arrest of the year”. When questioned by the media as to why he didn’t seem upset about his arrest Ottoblock explains, “as … Read more


Bride To Be Gets Pregnant By Midget Stripper!!!


Los Angeles, CA- Bride to be had a little more fun than most during her bachelorette party. Her friends surprised her with a midget stripper by the name of “Short Man Long Dong”. Mostly seen as a prank, the bride Florence Monroe, was actually pleasantly surprise by her friends “joke”. She’d always had a “thing” … Read more


“The Blue Pill” Granny Linked To A Series Of Retirement Home Deaths


Houston, Texas- Lucy Bentwood, aged 81, has been arrested on 13 charges of first degree murder. The suspect has been linked to at least 5 different retirement homes where suspicious deaths have occurred. Bentwood would befriend men whom had no heirs to leave the money to. She would gain their trust and build relationship with … Read more