The Band Metallica Who Famously Sued Napster, Sues Stranger Things For Using Band’s Song During Season 4 Finale


Hollywood, CA- The band Metallica has filed a civil lawsuit in an LA county courthouse today claiming the show Stranger Things and the executives behind the scenes used their music without permission and are seeking compensation for damages incurred.

The character Eddie Munson (portrayed by Joseph Quinn) plays an epic concert in the “Upside down” to the tune of Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets”. Lars Ulrich Metallica’s drummer had this to say, “These Hollywood types think just because they made a great scene using our music, that we would just be okay with them using it. Nah mate that’s not how it works. You gotta pay to play when it comes to Metallica. We want compensation for our music being played. See you in court.”, said Ulrich.

Metallica is suing for $25 million dollars at the time of this writing. Stranger Things executives are scrambling to figure out what is actually going on. The Duffer brothers (creators of Stranger Things) believed they had the green light to use the bands music, “We were told Metallica was onboard with the Eddie Munson scene. We now know that may not have been the case. We will do anything and everything we can to maintain the integrity of the scene. We will also have OUR day in court”, Ross Duffer.

This is not the first time Metallica has been in the spotlight concerning a lawsuit, the band famously sued Napster in 2001 and is no stranger to the courtroom.

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